Polycarbonate is one of the most advanced Polymers in the field of Plastics today. They offer unparalleled blend of desirable properties such as high impact strength, transparency, Light weight, flexibility, durability, thermal resistance and fire resistance.


  • Light Transmission up to 90% for Compact clear sheets.
  • Impact resistance : 80 times that of Glass and 15 times that of Acrylic sheets.
  • Temperature resistance ranges from -40 to 120 deg. C.
  • Light weight : Only 1/12th of the weight of Glass of the same thickness.
  • Ultra Violet resistance : with UV protective layer.
  • Flame resistance : rated B1.


  • Roofing for Industrial and Commercial Structures.
  • Vertical Glazing.
  • Green Houses.
  • Indoor Partitions.
  • Helmets & Riot Shields.
  • Advertising Bill Boards.
  • LED Enclosures.

Catering to the requirements of customers, coatings are provided on the PolyCarbonate sheets to ensure the Quality of the product over time. UV Coatings is provided at the facility by co-extrusion, to prevent dis-coloration due to long exposure to sunlight.

SOLID POLYCARBONATE SHEETS are manufactured in a State of the Art facility at ARUN PLASTO MOULDERS INDIA PVT LTD– Chennai unit, using world renowned raw materials. The Solid Sheets are manufactured with different textures in accordance to the preferences of the customers. The different textures are :- Compact, Embossed, Diamond and Fine Texture.

Solid Polycarbonate sheets are manufactured with standard widths of 1200 mm and 2100 mm and standard lengths from the range of 2.5 m upto 33.5 m. All products specified above have the option of UV layer coating depending on the customer requirements. The products are provided with protective masking sheets over the polycarbonate sheet to prevent damages during handling.

*Thickness, length and width of the product are customizable – provided that the MOQ specified by the manufacturer is fulfilled.

MULTICELL POLYCARBONATE SHEETS are a unique range of products with advanced Engineering advantages in terms of both structural and commercial point of view. Due to the rectangular cell structure of the product, it exhibits the advantage of lesser weight and also provides air insulation between the cell walls, thereby reducing the heat transmission from top surface of the product – maintaining efficiently the temperature of area concealed by the product. They are manufactured at ARUN PLASTO MOULDERS INDIA PVT LTD – Chennai unit, with highly skilled and experienced team of Engineers.

Multi-cell Polycarbonate sheets are manufactured with UV coating (Co-extrusion process), to reduce yellowing of the product. The standard manufacturer dimension of the product are such: Width – 900 mm (Fixed) and Length – 11.8 meters (Customizable).

*Note that the customizing option for the length of the Multi-cell product is limited depending on transportation feasibilities.